Flash Mob Iftars

Food is something that always brings people together, while fasting from dawn to dusk, Muslims experience what it is like to be hungry, and we encourage our Muslim friends to hold flash mob iftars. This is a meeting of people at a certain location at a certain time where platters of food are brought and shared with anyone and everyone who is passing by, this is a great opportunity to meet new people and create bonds of friendship over the one of the best bonders; food.

If you do plan on hosting a flash mob iftar, please do consider the location and the local neighbours while hosting one of these flash mob iftars. Ask local residents before hand and notify them of possible disturbance, contact local council to let them know of the event. Furthermore, you have to consider health and safety guidelines, choose locations with a large standing/ sitting area.

Please notify us of any flash mob iftars, we will promote them on our social media networks.


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