About Us

The Big Iftar is an initiative launched in 2013, encouraging Muslim communities to welcome their Non-Muslim friends and neighbours as guests to their local Mosques and Centers to join them in sharing iftar during Ramadan.

In 2013, The Big Iftar took place in many cities across the UK. Mosques, Islamic and community centres, local councils and others participated and hosted a number of Iftars and flash mob iftars across the nation. The Big Iftar encourages British Muslims to invite their friends, neighbours and colleagues to join them at mosques on an agreed date and enjoin them in sharing the meal of iftar.

Multi-faith iftars can happen inside mosques, community centers, and public places and even hosted by Muslim families. This is a timely and promising project. Locally-led events are the perfect opportunity for mosques and community centers to throw open their doors to their neighbours, to bring together people of all faiths and none, and to help create a more stronger, integrated society.

Holding a ‘Big Iftar’ this Ramadan is a perfect way to show people of other faiths and none, who perhaps have never even been in a mosque or enjoyed a meal with Muslims, what it’s really like.

If your center is interested in getting involved in this initiative, please email us at thebigiftar@gmail.com


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